Working at ACCL

  • Salary policy

ACCL has a diversified and competitive overall salary, regularly reviews the salary level and flexibly designs a regular and irregular bonus system for each position; creates a dividend incentive plan that improves company operations, team and individual performance, and shares the company profit with all employees.


  • Welfare system

♦ Employee dividend and stock subscription, annual and performance bonus

♦ Excellent staff/senior staff rewards

♦ Excellent new recruits introduction, retention, long-term bonus

♦ Labor insurance, national health insurance and group accident medical insurance.

♦ Regular free employee health check

♦ Free meals, staff uniforms/work shoes

♦ Staff dormitory (free for the first three months)

♦ Provide employee parking spaces for cars and motorcycle

♦ The Employee Welfare Committee implements employee welfare measures (three festival gifts, birthday gifts, wedding and funeral subsidies, injury and illness condolences, maternity allowances, employee travel, dinner parties, family parent-child day and other group activities).


  • Performance management system

ACCL is a professional manager company with a transparent, fair, just and open performance management system. The performance review is handled every six months. Employees can set personal annual work goals and plans through face-to-face communication with their supervisors, and regularly review the results of goal implementation, and achieve work goals with immediate feedback and suggestions from the supervisor.


  • Career development

The promotion and evaluation work is an important task for ACCL's human resoucre development. According to the needs of organizational development, all levels of supervisors and internal reviewers need to evaluate whether the assessee meets the characteristics of the promoted position. Objective and prudent attitude evaluation, provide diversified promotion and development opportunities, and cultivate high-quality talents in a planned way, so as to enhance ACCL's human assets and shape a service-oriented corporate culture.

Working at ACCL