Product Application


Various server platforms have rich production experience, and are very complete for the materials and technical requirements required by various server PCBs. For details, please contact


100G, 400G, and 800G Switch PCB have rich production experience. This type of PCB has high requirements for material inserstion loss. ACCL has a complete SI laboratory, and its mastery of the electrical properties of materials is better than that of the industry. For details, please contact


The main suppliers of PCBs for various embedded computer solutions. Low volume and high mix are the characteristics of this type of PCB. The material is changed frequently during production and lean manufacturing management is the focus. For details, please contact


We can produce PCBs required for Probe Card, Load board, and test equipment. Such PCBs need to integrate VIPPO, Backdrill, Laser Via, Sequential stack up, etc. on the same PCB.  ACCL has rich experience in hybrid different PCB requirement production. For details, please contact

Load Board/Probe PCB